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Note! Usernames that countain internet addresses or other advertisement will be deleted by our staff!

A constantly increasing number of user-accounts were hacked due to unsecure passwords. Therefore please choose a secure password! Write it down and dont't share it with others!
This is also a protection against hackers trying to steal your account by making a name change.
Your username should be between 3 and 25 characters long and can contain all alphanumeric characters and the signs: @ - and the blank. It must start and end with an alphanumeric character. Do not use consecutive space characters.

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In case you might buy gamefeatures both of you will get 10% in credit value from the amout you buy.
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You can rechange this later on in the game in settings

To keep our database small we delete accounts by following rules:

Deleteing after 7 days: User that registred but havent't played the game.
Deleteing after 45 days: User that don't play anymore and didn't spend any money in their game.
Deleteing after 180 days: User that don't play anymore but spended money in their game.

If You enter a email-Adress, you will recieve a warning email before your account is deleted.

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